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Kaci Edelbrock Memorial Tournament

Legends 2022 | Kaci Edelbrock Memorial Tournament

June 18-19 - Father's Day Weekend)

10U – 12U: Amended Little League Rules (no leadoff)


10U - (46/60) Modified LL Green Book (Minors) rules (no leadoff, no drop third strike)

11U, 12U - (46/60) Modified LL Green Book (Majors) rules (no leadoff)

Field Locations

Monroe, WA (Monroe High School, Sky River Complex, Rotary Field, Lake Tye Fields, Park Place MS & MHS

Entry Fee

(4-game minimum)

Little League Rules modified

11U & 12U - drop third strike is in play

10U and below - no drop third strike

More Information

Note: Legends supplies baseballs, umpires, great facilities and online tourney postings & results for all of our hosted tournaments. 

Legends baseball utilizes many of the brand new turf fields in Monroe located at Rotary Field, Park Place M.S. and Monroe H.S. When playing on our new turf fields, please be respectful of the facility.  No nuts or shells of any kind can be consumed inside the dugout, on the field or even in the stands as wind blows the shells onto the field.  Thank you in advance.